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Cantwell-Anderson, Inc., was formed in November 1979 and was primarily engaged in the development, construction and sale of residential condominiums and single family homes designed and priced predominately for the “first time” buyer market, as well as commercial projects that are typically adjacent to residential. 
Since 1979 Cantwell-Anderson has acquired, financed, developed, constructed, and managed; condominiums, apartments and commercial real estate in five states. The focus has been on single family residential sales, multi-family rental developments and specialized veterans housing totaling nearly $500,000,000. Currently, Cantwell-Anderson, Inc. manages a combined total of over 2000 residential units across the country, including units designated for targeted to specific income level households, and commercial space that provides supportive services. 


The Company’s initial condominium developments in 1982-83 were typically 10 to 14 unit “in-fill” locations in the City of Pasadena. By the end of 1984 the Company had nine projects under construction ranging in size from 7 to 62 units each, aggregating approximately 200 homes. In September, 1986, the Company completed San Pasqual Townhomes, a 34-unit luxury townhome project in South Pasadena. Also completed in the fall of 1986 was Greenwood Townhomes, the Company’s first publicly financed housing project, consisting of 32 affordable units that were offered to households under applicable low and moderate income guidelines of the Housing Authority of the City of Pasadena. 

In 1988 The Company Completed: 

  • Vista Court Apartments in Pasadena, consisting of 98 apartment units,
  • Windrose Place Apartments and Office Court, consisting of 134 apartments and 14,000 square feet of renovated historic office space,
  • Santana West Apartments in El Sereno, City of Los Angeles, a 48 unit apartment complex. In 1989 The Company Completed and Sold:
  • 67 Condominiums at its Dove Creek project in Altadena,
  • 54 Seranata Townhomes in Woodland Hills. 

In February, 1992, the Company entered into a public/private partnership contract with the State of California Department of Housing and Community Development (“HCD”), providing a $12,000,000 credit to the Company for land acquisition and predevelopment cost for the development of projects that targeted affordable income households. 

In 1993, Westside Residence Hall, Inc. formerly Los Angeles Veterans Education and Training Services, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Cantwell-Anderson, Inc., (CAI) purchased a 2.85 acre site with approximately 125,000 square feet of existing improvements in Inglewood, California. Now named Westside Residence Hall, CAI manages the facility as a rental operation providing nearly 500 beds of affordable transitional housing to former homeless veterans. This project has received national attention as a model for public/private partnerships that can positively affect a segment of the homeless population. 

In 1994 CAI designed a Residential Development was that was proposed for land in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains above Olive View Hospital Complex in Sylmar, California. The project was planned as a private residential development with over 400 dwelling units, open space and common area amenities. In 1995, CAI negotiated the sale of this 227 acres planned community to the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy as an open space park. 

In December, 1997 CAI completed the acquisition of a 27 acre site formerly the U. S. Department of Defense, Navy Savannah Cabrillo Housing in Long Beach, (a portion of the Navy base closure) which is now named Villages at Cabrillo. Planning and designing of the development site has been completed. Existing on site are 176 three and four bedroom units including auxiliary buildings. After renovations were completed the development now houses over 1000 individuals and families.  Its re-use as approved by the City of Long Beach, is affordable transitional and permanent housing for the homeless and/or at-risk populations.  This development has produced partnerships with local social service providers to offer social support to the populations, the U. S. Department of Veterans Administration in Long Beach for clinical support, and Corporation for National Service-AmeriCorps for program support. 

In 2001, Cantwell-Anderson and its partnership completed the La Vina development, a $150 million planned residential community located in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains of Altadena, California. La Vina, a gated 272 single-family residential development is one of the most sought after living environments in the San Gabriel Valley. This Private Community includes a seven (7) acre site approved for a 500 student K-8 private school or in the alternative, a site for custom homes. With all of the La Vina homes sold, this remaining undeveloped parcel, which is held through CAI Holdings, LLC, a Cantwell-Anderson, Inc controlled company, with a plan to be developed into 18 additional custom homes.  The La Vina concept, land assembly, acquisition, planning and discretionary public approvals were substantially completed under the Cantwell-Anderson leadership. 

Since 1979 Cantwell-Anderson has acquired, financed, developed, constructed, and managed; condominiums, apartments and commercial real estate in five states. The focus has been on single family residential sales, multi family rental developments and specialized veterans housing totaling nearly $500,000,000. Currently, Cantwell-Anderson manages a combined total of nearly 1400 residential units with over 1200 of those rental units designated for targeted income households, and commercial space. Included in this portfolio is it’s Award Winning $32 million mixed use/mixed income residential complex in Pasadena, California known as Windrose Place. Developed in 1986, which combines the unique mixture of historical preservation and restoration of existing homes with contemporary architecture to create one of Pasadena’s signature development landmarks.

Completed Developments

  • Dove Creek, Altadena, California – 67 condominiums, completed 1987
  • Windrose Place Apartments and Office Court, Pasadena, California
  • 134 apartments with 14,000 square feet of renovated historic office space, completed in 1988
  • LaVina Residential Community, Altadena, California 
  • Gated 272 single-family residential homes, completed in 2001 

Other CAI Developments​


  • 1080 North Lake, Pasadena, CA – 10 Units (1982) 
  • 1248-1256 N. Raymond Ave., Pasadena, CA – 7 Units (1980) 
  • 1090-1092 N. Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA – 14 Units (1982) 
  • Atrium Courts, Pasadena, CA – 24 units (1988) 
  • Vista Court, Pasadena, CA – 98 units (1989) 
  • Santana West, Los Angeles, Ca – 48 units (1989) 


  • Raymond Manor, Pasadena, CA – 12 Units (1980) 
  • Garfield Terrace, Pasadena, CA – 6 Units ( 1980) 
  • Glenarm One Townhomes, Pasadena, Ca – 10 units (1983) 
  • Oakland Villas, Pasadena, CA – 7 units (1983) 
  • Glenarm Two, Pasadena, CA – 10 units (1984) 
  • Ohio Woods, Pasadena, CA – 16 units (1984) 
  • Magnolia Court, Pasadena, CA – 12 units (1984) 
  • Oak Street, Pasadena, CA – 12 units (1985) 
  • Bungalows II, Pasadena, CA – 16 units (1985) 
  • Windemere, Pasadena, CA – 62 units (1986) 
  • The Lofts, Pasadena, CA – 15 units (1986) 
  • Eldorado, Pasadena, CA – 20 units (1986) 
  • 3200 Riverside Drive, Toluca Lake, CA – 15 units (1987) 
  • Glenarm III, Pasadena, CA – 18 units (1987) 
  • Ohio II Townhomes, Pasadena, CA – 14 units (1987) 
  • Greenwood Townhomes, Pasadena, CA – 34 units (1987) 
  • Parc Magnolia, Pasadena, CA – 7 units (1987) 
  • San Pasqual, South Pasadena, CA – 34 units (1987) 
  • Seranata Townhomes, Woodland Hills, CA – 19 units (1987) ​​


  • Lake Avenue Professional Ctr, Pasadena, CA – 15,000 sq ft. (1982) 
  • 596 N. Lake Ave., Pasadena, CA – 6,000 sq ft (1983) 
  • 1210-1214 E. Green St., Pasadena, CA – 11,000 sq ft (1987) 
  • 825-839 E. Orange Grove Blvd., Pasadena, CA – 11,500 sq ft (1985) 
  • Odd Fellows Temple Move and Restoration, Pasadena, CA – 15,000 sq ft (1986) 
  • Western Justice Center, Pasadena, CA – 3,600 sq ft (1991)

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